NB76 2.200 m³ & NB77 8.000 m³ SEISTAR LIVE FISH CARRIERS



NB76 2.200 m³ & NB77 8.000 m³ SEISTAR LIVE FISH CARRIERS

Cemre signed a new contract with Seistar Holding for two environmentally friendly live fish carriers. 

Developed by the Norwegian SALT Ship Design, live fish carriers for Seistar will be equipped with circular fish tanks. 69.9 m and 110 m long vessels will be built according to the DNV GL class rules and will carry the Norwegian flag.

The bigger vessel with a total of 8.000 m³ load capacity in the fish holds and deadweight of ~12.000t which will be the world's largest live fish carrier.

The new vessels will supplement new and existing customers with new tonnage to cover the increasing demand for treatment- and transport

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EU Shipbuilding Sector




The shipbuilding industry deals with the production of larger (mainly seagoing) vessels intended for the merchant fleet (cargo or passenger transport), the off-shore energy industry or military purposes. It also includes products and services supplied for the building, conversion, and maintenance of these ships. The European Commission promotes the industry’s development and addresses competitiveness issues it faces.

Importance of the Shipbuilding Sector

The European shipbuilding industry is a dynamic and competitive sector. It is important from both an economic and social perspective. It is also linked to other sectors including transport, security, energy, research, and the environment.

  • There are about 150 large shipyards in Europe. Around 40 of them are active in the global market for large seagoing commercial vessels;
  • Some 120,000 people are employed

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France’s Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier Will be Nuclear-Powered -Macron





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December 8, 2020

PARIS, Dec 8 (Reuters) – France’s next-generation aircraft carrier will be nuclear-powered and replace the national fleet’s flagship warship, the Charles de Gaulle, in 2038, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.

The 11th carrier-vessel in the French Navy’s will be equipped with the new electromagnetic aircraft launch system developed by U.S. company General Atomics, French officials said.

The carrier will be 300 meters (984 ft) long and have a deadweight of 75,000 tons. It will be able to carry up to 30 Rafale fighter jets or the successor of the Dassault warplane currently being developed by France, Germany and Spain.

France’s military had initially lent towards a ship with conventional propulsion, but together with Macron later opted for

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El tribunal europeo avala la declaración de ilegalidad de las ayudas españolas a los astilleros






23 SEP. 2020 - 16:51
Joaquín Alumunia inició la causa contra el 'tax lease' siendo Comisario de Competencia. 

El Tribunal General de la Unión Europea (TUE) ha avalado este miércoles la decisión de 2013 de la Comisión Europea que declaró ilegal el sistema español de bonificaciones fiscales (tax lease) para los inversores en astilleros y ha obligado a España a recuperar el dinero. Cabe recurso ante el Tribunal de Justicia de la UE.

La justicia europea ha fallado así en un nuevo capítulo de un asunto que se remonta a 2013, cuando el entonces comisario de Competencia, Joaquín Almunia, pidió a las autoridades españolas que recuperaran las ayudas ilegales concedidas a los astilleros entre 2007 y 2011 tras concluir que este

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Navy could get converted Davie supply ships at fraction of price of building new: PBO





 The Canadian Press


Ottawa could buy two converted civilian vessels from a Quebec shipyard to serve as support ships for the Royal Canadian Navy for a fraction of the cost of building brand new ones, according to Parliament’s budget watchdog.

In a new report released Tuesday, parliamentary budget officer Yves Giroux estimates the price of buying the two converted container ships from Chantier Davie would be around $1.4 billion. 

The federal government has been resisting those calls despite pressure from the shipyard, opposition parties and the Quebec government, and instead pressed ahead with work on the new joint support

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