FSP Finnish Steel Painting is one of the largest industrial surface treatment companies in Europe.




The company provides customer-oriented industrial surface treatment, fireproofing, floor coating, scaffolding, access technology and engineering services during the entire lifecycle for marine industry applications.

FSP's service extends from first evaluation to providing the surface treatment, followed by its inspections by NORSOK qualified FROSIO inspectors, as well as post-warranty maintenance.

Anti-corrosive coating and acid spraying

High-quality surface treatment significantly improves the durability and life-span of treated surfaces. It also greatly enhances the visual appearance. The surface treatment is also cost-effective, and the better quality the surface treatment result, the lower the product's service and maintenance costs will be.

FSP professionals perform surface treatment on metal surfaces regardless of the destination. Surfaces are cleaned and then coated with long-lasting anti-corrosive coating. Acid-proof and stainless-steel surfaces,

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The digital shipyard: robotics in shipbuilding





27 August 2013 Chris Lo


Automated technology and robotic systems are as big a part of modern shipbuilding as many other manufacturing industries. Robots, carrying out welding, blasting, heavy lifting and other tasks, are helping to plug the labour gap at shipyards, while sparing their human colleagues the most dangerous and thankless tasks.

Traditionally, the shipbuilding industry has relied on the labour of a large pool of skilled workers, who faced the prospect of long hours and demanding tasks such as welding, cutting and painting to get large vessels launched. Major shipbuilders have risen to prominence on the backs of these workers, whether in the ageing historic shipyards of Europe or their highly efficient rivals in South Korea, Japan and China.


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S Korean shipbuilders pessimistic about 2015





08 January 2015
South Korean shipbuilders may only strive to maintain current order backlogs in 2015, said an analyst in a research note. Photo: PA

Instead of aggressive order-taking, South Korean shipbuilders may only strive to maintain current order backlogs in 2015, said an analyst in a research note.

Youngsoo Han of Samsung Securities said, "After reviewing New Year messages from CEOs of Korea's big three shipbuilders - Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), it has become clear that all of them have more conservative industry outlooks than they did in 2014."

Han continued, "Jaeho Ko, CEO of DSME, and Ohgap Kwon, CEO of HHI, both worry about oil price declines and the

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Pintadas en Naval Gijón para denunciar los incumplimientos con los trabajadores





09.01.2015 | 04:12

Pintadas en Naval Gijón para denunciar los incumplimientos con los trabajadores

"No a la especulación" y "Hoy avisamos, la próxima entramos" son algunas de las pintadas que, desde ayer, se pueden leer en los muros que rodean el cerrado astillero de Naval Gijón. Las pintadas fueron realizadas por extrabajadores que exigen a las administraciones públicas el cumplimiento de los acuerdos comprometidos en 2009 con los prejubilados y los despedidos. Los trabajadores cargan contra el consejero de Economía y Empleo, Graciano Torre, por su inacción y afean también el silencio del edil de empleo, Fernando Couto, que se comprometió a hacer de mediador con Pymar. A la derecha, tres extrabajadores realizan una de las pintadas.




Will Vietnam sells its best shipbuilder to the Netherlands?





VietNamNet Bridge – Experts have warned that Vietnam will fail to develop its shipbuilding industry if it sells Song Cam – the best and only profitable shipbuilder – to Damen company of the Netherlands.



 Dutch group wants to buy 70% stake of Cam River Shipyard



 The Dutch group, which is now a partner in the Song Cam Shipbuilding joint venture, has officially asked to buy at least 70 percent of the company’s shares, according to the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC), previously known as Vinashin, which said it had reported the request to the Prime Minister and Ministry of Transport for consideration.

Choosing Damen as a strategic partner is part of

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