Increase ship design efficiency with a multidisciplinary design process






Check out the Siemens On-demand Webinar on increasing ship design efficiency with a multidisciplinary design process. In this session, we examine how the mechanical, electrical and software features of a vessel can be managed in a single collaborative environment thanks to a comprehensive digital twin. The digital twin becomes the single source of truth and ensures that multidisciplinary design teams and suppliers always have access to the most up-to-date design data for improved collaboration and optimized end-to-end process execution.

Collaboration management tool

Move from disconnected teams working in silos to a connected approach with this collaboration management tool. Using a master model, or digital twin of the ship, connect all data throughout the ship design process. Learn more from this on-demand webinar and watch demonstrations from industry experts.

Design management process

A centralized data source allows design management process to be tracked throughout the ship production lifecycle. A single source of configured data for a vessel is captured in a central and integrated BOM, that holds design data and delivers it downstream for use in production and operation.

Outfitting design

Next-generation vessels are the future of the marine industry. Learn how 3D CAD data, electrical systems software and automation create an environment to maximize outfitting design efficiency. Hear from our customers and how they are planning where their digital waterway is taking them in the future!