SIPRI Arms Transfers Database




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SIPRI Arms Transfers Database

The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database shows all international transfers of major conventional arms since 1950 and is the most comprehensive publicly available source of information on international arms transfers.

SIPRI Mapping ATT-Relevant Cooperation and Assistance Activities Database

The SIPRI Mapping ATT-relevant Cooperation and Assistance Activities Database provides information on cooperation and assistance activities in the field of arms transfer and small arms and light weapons (SALW) controls. The database supports states' implementation of the 2001 UN Programme of Action on SALW and the 2013 Arms Trade Treaty and includes activities carried out since 2012. 

SIPRI Arms Industry Database

The SIPRI Arms Industry Database contains information on the 100 largest arms-producing and military services companies.

SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations Database 

The SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations Database offers information on all multilateral peace operations conducted since 2000, including statistics on personnel, country contributions, fatalities and budgets.

SIPRI Military Expenditure Database

The SIPRI Military Expenditure Database gives the annual military spending of countries since 1949, allowing comparison of countries’ military spending in local currency at current prices; in US dollars at constant prices and exchange rates; and as a share of GDP.


Other resources

SIPRI keeps comprehensive collections of material covering arms control and disarmament.

Arms embargoes

SIPRI gives information on all arms embargoes that have been implemented by an international organization, such as the EU or UN, or by a group of nations. All embargoes that are in force, or have been in force since 1998, are included.

National reports on arms exports

SIPRI provides links to all publicly accessible national reports on arms exports. These are constantly updated to include links to newly published national reports on arms exports.

Financial value of the global arms trade

Using reports from the National reports archive, SIPRI estimates the financial value of arms exports.


The Government of Peru provided a financial donation to SIPRI's databases in 2016.