Shipbuilding Market Monitoring Report

Shipbuilding Market:
 New orders for cargo carriers plunge, while the demand for passenger ships and ONCCV
accounts for 70% of global investments during 1H 2016.
 European shipyards secure new contracts for a total of 11.6 bn $, 61% of the global
market shares. South Korea (1.8 bn $), China (4.1 bn $) and Japan (1.1 bn $) together
don´t reach the value of European new orders.
 In number of vessels, the global orderbook stands at 5642 vessels and 101M CGT. New
orders account for 420 ships in total (57 in Europe, 114 in China, 101 in Japan and just 37
in South Korea). In CGT terms, Europe stands almost at the level of China (2.2 and 2.4M
CGT respectively), although in number of vessels Chinese orders are twice as high as
 The level of deliveries remains at the levels of the last years. In total 1223 ships
weredelivered in 1H 2016, accounting for a total of 18.8M CGT and 42.2 bn $.
 Newbuild Contracts at Lowest Level in 20 Years. Shipyards compete to secure very cheap
 Asian governments announce new policies and schemes to support the industry to cope
with the low demand for cargo vessels.
 China announces deal to build first Chinese Cruise Ships
 EU naval industry in good shape but more R&T investment needed, study says