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DWG Trading specialises in advising, supplying and servicing (hydraulic) rudder propellers, tunnel thrusters, cranes, navigators, gear sets and parts, boats and amphibious vehicles. The company can also supply all other related items, in used and new. It also offer advisory services in relation to repairs and related insurance matters.

Ship hardware suppliers

DWG operates worldwide, and works with several leading companies. It can provide quotes on demand. It stocks a range of items, and would be happy to provide prompt quotes for parts and equipment. With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, they will never let you down.

Thrusters, propellers, clutches and steering systems ready to ship

If you need a 1,000kw azimuthing thruster for dynamic positioning (DP) or 360-degrees steering, the company has Schottel stock ready for direct delivery. For example:

Six reconditioned Schottel rudder propellers - SRP 505 steerable Z-Drive

Type: Schottel SRP 505 Z-Drive well mounting Max. power input: 1,000KW Normal input torque: 7,300NM Max rpm input: 1,650rpm Prop Stem Length: 2.600mm Steering type: two steering gearboxes with hydraulic motors Including: bronze propeller and oil header tank

Six new electric-hydraulic full follow up 24 Volt remote control steering systems

These include time dependent emergency steering, consisting of:

  • Way-depending steering and instrument panel
  • Joystick for emergency steering
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic tank fully equipped
  • Rudder position transmitter box
  • Relay box
  • System adapter to DP steering according cos and sin


  • All-electric 24V components wired with numbered strip rows
  • All-hydraulic components built together on hydr. tank

Three PC new PTO-Clutches for the Schottel SRP505

Type: BSD-Rexnord Pneumatic dry-plate clutch Excluding: Compressor-system to provide airpressure Including: Brake to hold the Schottel while sailing Max. torque 10,000Nm Schottel navigator

  • Built in early 1970s
  • 2:1 capital reduction gear
  • 5HD-200 direct drive
  • Hydraulic start, which can be modified to electric starter.
  • Dry exhaust
  • Bronze duplex sea water strainer with Monel strainer baskets
  • 4,000pounds thrust @1800 RPM (1814 kilograms)
  • Bronze alloy propeller

Powered by: Detroit Diesel 6-71 inline engine approx. 225 Hp. Fuel: diesel Capacity: 150 gallons, 678 litres (approximate) Condition: good to excellent, with weathering on exterior and some components from long-term storage. Hours: 1.1 21.2, 10.3 18.2, 8.8 101.1, 9.8 12.3

Dimensions: Overall Length: 7.62 meters (25ft) (Prop Boom Raised) Length of Body: 4.27 meters (168in) Length of Boom: 3.66 meters (144in) Height: 1.75 meters (69in) Width: 1.62 meters (64in)

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