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The CC JENSEN Window Division is among the world leaders in developing and producing ship windows, glass and frame constructions, with more than 40 years' experience in supplying customised window solutions. The key elements in the business development philosophy are customer support, design, energy saving glass and safety.

Aluminium, steel and stainless-steel ship windows

The ship windows can be supplied with all types of special glass and for all types of ships – from small workboats to ferries, cruise liners, commercial vessels, super yachts and yachts.

The window frames are manufactured from a wide range of profiles in aluminium, steel or stainless steel, and constructed according to ISO and all major international and national authorities' standards.

CC JENSEN design, produce and install ship windows, glass and frame constructions according to all major international and national authorities' standards, and in accordance to ISO 1751 and ISO 3903. We have a wide range of standard frame profiles available from stock.

Through many years of expertise we have accumulated substantive know-how to recommend glass applications.

Ferry and cruise liner windows

Passenger safety, excellent design and the ease of maintaining cleanliness are key parameters for owners of ferries and cruise ships when choosing windows and glass for their craft. CC JENSEN's windows for ferries and cruise liners meet all these requirements, so the ship's owner can enjoy peace of mind.

We offer total solutions within glass and frame construction for ferries and cruise liners, fulfilling classification requirements for design, calculation and production of glass, frame and sliding-door systems.

The vessel owner is involved from the design phase onward to ensure that the windows and frames are exactly the size required. Furthermore, any size of order that the customer requires – whether large or small – can be delivered.

Wheelhouse windows with heated glass panes

CC JENSEN designs and produces wheelhouse windows with heated glass for special areas on vessels. The layout of our wheelhouse windows and the amount of heated glass panes in them can be individually customised to the vessel's owner's needs.

Commercial vessel windows

For owners of commercial vessels it is important that ship windows perform to the strict requirements of classification societies and that a worldwide service is available. Anything else can mean off-hire periods with lost earnings.

We offer total solutions within window glass and frame construction for commercial vessels, fulfilling classifications requirements such as design, calculation and production of glass, frame and sliding-door systems.

We can provide the precise sizes and numbers of windows required by each individual customer.

Commercial vessel wheelhouse windows

CC JENSEN also designs and manufactures wheelhouse windows for commercial vessels, which can be fitted with heated glass in certain areas if necessary for the owner's requirements. A-60 windows are also available for requested areas.

Yacht and super yacht windows

Owners of super yachts andyachts require the highest quality and visibility from ship windows. The consistently high quality and impeccable craftsmanship of metal parts in our yacht and super yacht windows ensure long-term satisfaction for owners.

We take care of design, calculation and production of glass and frame constructions and sliding-door systems for all yacht and super yacht window projects.

Calculation of glass thickness, frame design, and sliding-door design and construction

CC JENSEN is capable of supporting or taking over approval from classification companies for calculation of glass thickness, frame design, and sliding-door design and construction. All our vessel windows are manufactured and delivered according to the highest standards and quality procedures.

Window accessories

Amongst the high-quality accessories for windows that we supply are clear view screens, window wipers, window boxes and integrated washing nozzles.

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