Port Report: Fuel quality rules left up to port states for IMO 2020





Meeting the IMO 2020 sulfur regulation should not be a problem for owners when the regulation enters into force in January 2020 but making certain that the enforcement of the regulation is uniformly applied across the globe could prove problematic.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations are not enforced by the organisation itself, but rather by member states affiliated to the United Nations’ maritime regulator. The same is true for the much heralded Sulfur Cap which will see the sulfur content in fuels reduced to less than 0.5 percent, globally, from its current levels of less than 3.5 percent in international waters. This

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“Las fuerzas armadas son un estado medieval paralelo dentro de España”




Entrevista a Luis Gonzalo Segura, autor del libro 'Un paso al frente' donde pone al descubierto las malas prácticas internas del ejército español

El teniente Luis Gonzalo Segura sabe que habrá represalias, pero eso no le ha impedido escribir una novela de denuncia, Un paso al frente (UDLibros), en la que pone al descubierto las malas prácticas internas del ejército español. Tras doce años de servicio, este oficial de 36 años no ha aguantado más casos de corrupción en los altos mandos -a los que llama “casta”- y de dejadez por parte de la justicia militar, por lo que ha decidido contarlo todo. Entre las opciones que baraja tras su previsible expulsión del ejército, se encuentra la de

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IMO Adopts IGF Code




MEX  15 de junio 2015


By MarEx 2015-06-15 19:31:48

On Friday, the IMO adopted globally binding regulations for ships using LNG as fuel.

The newly updated international code, the IGF Code, covers the safety of ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels and is designed to ensure that the safety level of ships using LNG and other more environmentally friendly fuels is enhanced and made more homogeneous.

The regulations will enter into force in 2017 and apply to new ships and new conversions of ships, respectively, except for gas tankers.

The IGF code was adopted at the 95th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 95). MSC 95 was held in London from 3 to 12 June 2015 under the chairmanship of

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Visit to Plymouth University





16 February 2015


Earlier last week, I took a train from London’s Paddington Station to visit Plymouth University. The purpose of my visit was to discuss how we could promote maritime subjects in higher education and explore the possibility of cooperation between Plymouth University and the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden – such as the provision of teaching staff from Plymouth University or sending post-graduate students from Plymouth to WMU to learn more about maritime governance at IMO.

After a short introduction to the University over lunch with industry representatives and the University management team, lead by Interim Vice Chancellor Professor David Coslett, I was taken by Professor Jingjing Xu of the Business Faculty on a tour of the

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